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NTST New Impregnating and Coating


NTST New Impregnating and Coating


       The Horizontal Impregnation and Coating Line KTL1500/2100 has the advantages of easy operation, high level of automation, low consumption, high speed ,homogeneous coating, high cutting precision, etc…
       The newly designed first step impregnation section consists of non-stop active unwinding unit, automatic splicing system, edge cutting unit, and squeezing group.
       The fully-automatic splicing machine is simply operated by one-button action. Its functions include: retracting turning arm, automatic inspection and tracing for adhesive tape connection point, acceleration to match rolls peripheral speed to line speed, joint of new paper, cutting and replacement of old paper into process.
       Advanced system to control paper stability, tension and flatness of paper film.
       The first step impregnation section frame adopts open-type structure with thick steel construction, to guarantee the frame stability. German imported metering rollers guarantee the coating precision and service life.   
       The second step impregnation section is a coating machine equipped with automatic centering unit, resin flow control and alarming for resin shortage function. This unit is designed to be efficient and easy to operate.    
       The discharge section of impregnation line consists of centering unit, cooling station, paper rotary cutting machine and stacking conveyor.
       The centering process is implemented by electric cylinder of high electromechanical performance, which runs sensitively and stably.    
       The large capacity water cooling unit greatly reduces the surface temperature of dry impregnated paper.
       The paper rotary cutting machine runs at high speed, with precision and low noise. Between the cooling unit and rotary cutter, the machine adopts an advanced three-machine linkage close-cycle control system. This control system allows a high precision and fast adjustment of paper cutting length. This technology has received the patent certificate of utility model from State Intellectual Property Office.
       The impregnated paper stacking system is designed for fast and efficient operation. All movements are electromechanically actuated and linked. The automatic stack-changing process reduces the mistakes and losses caused by manual operation
       Temperature control system adopts American HONEYWELL equipment, to minimize fluctuations of temperature in each drying oven.
       The new drying ovens, mainly designed by Italian senior engineers with latest technology advances, reach great advantages in paper running stably, at a high speed, with low noise and good heat-insulation effect.
As a result, NTST production lines guarantee stable and reliable quality of impregnated paper also in high speed running conditions.

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