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Aim Of Our Service :
To cooperate with customers earnestly, to create stable and friendly relationships. We pursue your satisfaction.

Service Attitude:
Prompt, Professional, Honest

Service Includes:
We have a professional after sales service team for equipment delivery, installation and commissioning, training, maintenance, spare parts supply, etc …

Our Guarantees:
(1) We will provide free installation and run test, until successful acceptance.
(2) Our installation people will be in charge of personnel and technical training.
(3) Quality warranty is 12 months from the date of successful acceptance. Under this guarantee we will offer service free of charge.
(4) We will provide lifetime after sales service.
(5) We will create a data profile for each customer, with machine configuration, running performance and maintenance tracking, in order to provide prompt and correct assistance.
(6) Response time: door to door service within 24 hours.
(7) We will provide free technical support if the customer faces any technical problem.

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E-mail: ntst@ntst.com.cn
Add: No.2 Division A,Pingchao Industrial Park,Tongzhou,Nantong,Jiangsu 

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