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Nuove Tecnologie Si Tong Machinery Co., Ltd. is a joint venture between the Italian company Longoni Roberto e Figli S.r.l. and NTST/New Century Electromechanics Co.,Ltd. whichadopts Italian production technology and process supervision of organization.The new company is mainly committed to developing and manufacturing latest design impregnating an coating machines for decorative surfaces, kraft papers and technical papers for electronic circuit and cement board industry.

       NTST inherits the Italian working traditional attitude of pursuit for quality, commitment to excellence in research, development and design of products. Meanwhile, Nan Tong Si Tong has over 20 years of rich background and experiences in the impregnation industry.Our Sino-Italian cooperation supports the energy-saving and environmental-protection principle, and offers domestic and foreign users high efficiency coating equipment.

       Our technical team consists of experienced electrical and machinery engineers ready to develop tailor-made solutions so to meet the most demanding customers' requests. Our company rely on Italian chemical engineers team with over 30 years of working experience on most developed markets. we offer to users professional full-range services and access to latest technologies and products.


Nuove Tecnologie Si Tong Machinery Co., Ltd.


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